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  1. ai4impact is administered by Terra-AI.SG. By agreeing to ai4impact's terms and conditions, you agree that ai4impact may collect, use, or disclose your personal data ONLY to Terra-AI.SG for purposes mentioned in item no. 2.

  2. ai4impact and Terra-AI.SG may collect and use your email address for any or all of the following purposes:

    • sending you ai4impact's free AI learning resources and information about our upcoming AI initiatives;

    • verifying your identity;

    • responding to, handling, and processing queries, repeats, applications, complaints, and feedback from you;

  3. Both ai4impact and Terra-AI.SG fully comply with Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA).

  4. You can decide to unsubscribe anytime. If you do, click here to notify us.  


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