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IoT Datathon 2.0 is an interdisciplinary competition organized by NUS Faculty of Science in collaboration with Terra-AI.SG and SPRING where students learn and apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to develop innovative solutions to solve industry challenges. IoT Datathon 2.0 focuses on partnerships with small and medium enterprises to develop solutions specifically related to Urban Sustainability. Over 110 students had participated.


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Winning Team:

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X + 1

Multi-Model AI-Based Prediction and Optimization Systems for Chiller Plant and Cooling Tower

Cheong Yu Jia (NUS Mathematics), Chow Chang Hoong (NUS Physics), Nguyen Ta Duy (NUS Computer Science), Tran Hoang Bao Linh (NUS Mathematics), Wu Yuzhe (NUS Mathematics)


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Technical Partner:

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Supporting Organization:

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Participating Organizations:

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IoT Datathon 2.0
IoT Datathon 1.0

IoT Datathon 1.0 is the inaugural IoT Datathon competition held in 2017 in collaboration with NUS Faculty of Science where students collaborate first-hand with industry experts to develop IoT applications to solve various industry challenges. The students received constant mentorship from the industry professionals about product development and entrepreneurship. Over 220 students had participated.


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Winning Team:

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An Early Warning System for Equipment Breakdown

Kenny Chong (NUS Physics), Liu Nairong (NUS Statistics), Daren Lau (NUS Industrial System Engineering), Zhai Yunjie (NUS Psychology)

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NUS DSC 2018

NUS Data Science Challenge 2018 is an annual student-initiated event by NUS Statistics Society. It is an avenue for students to learn practical data science knowledge and apply them directly by solving real-world problems. Over 190 students had participated. 


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Winning Team:


Team 26

Automated Rainfall Radar Calibration using Multiple AI Models

Cai Ting (NUS Data Science & Analytics), Sun Dongfang (NUS Statistics), Zhu Kexin (NUS Data Science & Analytics), Zou Youtong (NUS Data Science & Analytics)


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Official Partner:

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Main Sponsor:

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Major Sponsor:

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