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Asia has the potential to become the centre of innovation. Our region is driven by entrepreneurship, technology, and creativity, where our huge young population are digitally savvy and hungry to make an impact.


Artificial Intelligence has shown lots of promises in improving people's lives and shaping the better future of business and society. This same technology adopted by companies to boost profits can also be used to save lives, from natural disaster forecasting, disease outbreak prediction and so much more.


We want to translate AI technology into real businesses and social impacts. To do that, we need to constantly develop three aspects; talent, innovation and opportunity.


ai4impact is formed to catalyse the development of these three aspects. We are building a community of learners, innovators, and mentors who are keen to apply AI for good. Our missions are:


to enable students, regardless of their educational background, become industry-ready AI practitioners



to foster the generation of innovative ideas and AI implementation for solving complex, real-world problems



to establish strong, sustainable ecosystem between AI-enabled talents and companies / organizations for future work and collaboration opportunities 


We design and conduct data science courses to introduce best practices for building enterprise-grade deep learning applications.


All are welcome! No advanced math or programming background required!


We are proud to be a training partner involved in deep learning training for the National University of Singapore's Faculty of Science. Over 600 students have participated since 2017.


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We believe the best way to learn AI is to build one. We have repositories of real-world challenges as well as AI development tools, which you can tap on to develop end-to-end AI solutions. 


Learning by doing helps you set up the right expectations on what AI can and cannot do, and more importantly develop the sense of confidence to apply the concepts learnt into useful applications.


Explore our challenges page to see more what projects we have done with the students! 


We believe in developing AI for good. Throughout our initiatives, we encourage students to deploy the AI solutions they have built to improve lives and make society a better place. 


If you are looking to utilize your skills to make an impact, or have interesting data-driven projects that could benefit the society, we are happy to have you on board!


Check our events page to see our upcoming  AI initiatives or click here to look at our past activities!

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