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Terra AI Helps You Learn AI and Build Smart Applications in Days, without programming knowledge required.
Kickstart your AI Learning Journey Now!


of our students start with little or no programming experience


AI and chatbot applications created by our students in a year

2 days

the average time spent for our students to learn, build, and launch AI/chatbot applications


Nisrina, High School Teacher

the average time spent for our students to learn, build, and launch AI/chatbot applications

Choose Your Learning Path

Forecast University Logo (White Backgrou

Financial Forecasting

AI to predict future asset prices (commodity, stocks)



Virtual assistant to automatically convert visitors to customers

Learn the end-to-end process of building AI prediction systems, from data ingestion to AI deployment. 


Disease Outbreak

AI to predict disease outbreak for preventive measures


Predictive Maintenance

AI to predict machine failure or system inefficiency

Learn and build your own virtual assistant using chatbots.



Gamify education through bite-size, personalized learning



Advisory chatbots to personalize health & lifestyle tips

AI Learning Platform

Autocaffe is an End-to-end AI Learning and Development Platform for Non-Programmers

All-in-One Platform

All-in-one facilities for learning, model training, and app deployment.


World-Class AI Curriculum

Hands-on AI curriculum trusted by top global educational institutions.

Rapid AI Development

Optimized for speed & performance. Train thousands of models automatically in a few lines of code. 

No Setup Required

Learn and build AI in minutes on web browser. No installation needed.

What Our Students Create

Covid 19

8-Week Dengue Outbreak Forecasts in Singapore

Stock Market Down

T+18 Wind Energy Forecasts for Commodity Trading

Glass Building

Energy Consumption Prediction for Smart Building

8-weeks ahead deep learning forecast models based on historical cases, temperature, rainfall, and population in Singapore.

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18-hour ahead deep learning forecasts to predict the output of wind farm in France for energy trading. 

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96-hour ahead deep learning-based energy consumption forecasting for smart building energy management system. 

See Results

Sign Language Course


Fun chatbots to help people learn sign language on bite-size and test their knowledge through games and quizzes. 

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Beautiful Nature


Tour guide chatbots to introduce East Nusa Tenggara tourism destinations and local cultures.

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Futuristic Car


Chatbots to learn AI concepts and various industry applications on bite-size.

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Apply Your AI Knowledge to Help Society

AI4IMPACT is a global community hosted by us to bring the benefits of AI to society. It is a place where you can meet like-minded individuals passionate about translating AI to social impact.

We work on projects ranging from basic education to disaster mitigation. 
You will also get the opportunity to be mentored by industry leaders and AI experts.

If you'd like to learn more, join our community!

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