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We’re from ai4impact! Since 2019, we have enabled thousands of  non-programmers to learn and develop useful real-world AI applications. Through CHATBOT UNI, we hope to help you build chatbots that help businesses and transform lives. 


Our mission is to make AI accessible to everyone. You can find more about us at

Dengue Outbreak Forcasting


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I realize that psychological stress is something that people experience on a daily basis regardless of age, religion, or gender. Thus, I'm creating a chatbot that aims to help people dealing with psychological stress and reminds them that someone out there actually cares about their well-being.

Thanks to ai4impact for this wonderful opportunity and also to all the mentors for the lessons and recommendations!

Monica Stephanie, Senior Consultant

Chatbot: I'm Here for You

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I usually thought AI is very very complicated; and creating one, will take a long time. But apparently I'm wrong!


Within a short period of time, I and my team could create a chatbot that could help people learn sign language, test them with games, and many more. It could help us be more inclusive and could make communicating with deaf people easier!

Cyra Alesha, Junior High School

Chatbot: SignLearn

Building chatbots seemed daunting to me at the start, however, the mentors broke down the steps into easily digestible content that enabled beginners and people without a programming background to build great chatbots!

The first step is always the hardest to take, so don’t be afraid to make the leap of faith! Celebrate your little wins on the way and learn from your mistakes. Also, learn with your friends! It makes learning more fun and engaging

Zhi Yi Chang, University Student

Chatbot: Baobaobot


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